Beijing Huimao Cooling Equipment Co., Ltd. works at thermoelectric world market since 1996. Beijing Huimao Cooling Equipment Co.,Ltd is a world wide company with many years experience ,specializing in the researches, designs and manufacturing of thermoelectric cooling modules and complete products. Our other technologies including bottled water cooler, thermoelectric cooling module, Mini Cooler , heat/cool car seat cushion and warm/cool sleep pad, thermoelectric therapy pad.

Beijing Huimao Cooling product line includes a full range of standard, single-stage, Thermoelectric cooling module, thermoelectric modules,Peltier cooler,Thermoelectric coolers, TEC module,Thermoelectric cooling ,thermoelectric module. as well as standard and custom multi-stage TEC modules configured to meet the needs of specific applications. We currently introduce over 400 types of regular thermoelectric cooling modules ,TEC modules that serve a wide variety of thermoelectric products applications. The TEC modules physical dimensions vary from 4.2 x 4.2 mm to 62 mm x 62 mm with the cooling capacity values of 0.1 Watts to 400 Watts respectively.

  • Address: Building 8, No.9 Guangping Street, Economic Development Zone, Da Xing District, Beijing, China
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  • Phone: 0086-13501215859
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