• Personal Mini Cooler

thermoelectric cool/heat mini cooler Specifications: Dimensions: 2.75 (width) X 1.20 (thick) X 5.60 (height) Inches Cold Temperature: Up to 25℃ below Ambient Temperature Weight: 4.00 oz.(without batteries) Blue Disk: Polished & Anodized Aluminum,1.4 inch diameter Blue Disk Power: Four AA size NICKEL-METAL HYDRIDE (Ni-MH).1200 mA rechargeable Batteries.(Not supplied) or regular AA”Energizer” type batteries Case: ABS Plastic



 Dimensions: 2.75 (width) X 1.20 (thick) X 5.60 (height) Inches

 Cold Temperature: Up to 25℃  below Ambient Temperature

 Weight: 4.00 oz.(without batteries)

 Blue Disk: Polished & Anodized Aluminum,1.4 inch diameter Blue Disk

 Power: Four AA size NICKEL-METAL HYDRIDE (Ni-MH).1200 mA   rechargeable Batteries.(Not supplied) or regular AA”Energizer” type batteries

Case: ABS Plastic

It is a common phenomenon that when people participating in indoor/outdoor games, like Golf, Tennis, Jogging, Gymnasium etc. Their body temperature rapidly rise. Women undergoing “Hot Flashes” also experience this rise in temperature. These hot spots appear to be more serve at the “Nodes”, like neck, forehead, & cheeks where there is more blood circulation and nerve endings. If these nodes are cooled, then that person feels soothing cool relief.
 An Ice Cube may be used to get this cooling relief. But the problem is, it is hard to find a refrigerator whenever one needs. Even if it is available, many women do not feel like to use an Ice Cube because the melting messiness is creates.
 Millions of chemical based “Cold Packs” are sold by Drug Stores all around the country. When this pack is twisted, then two chemicals inside the pack are mixed to create an endothermic chemical reaction. As a result, the surface of the pack becomes cold for few minutes. But the problem is that they are for ONE TIME USE ONLY and are bulky.
 Our Personal Mini Cooler, used thermoelectric cooling module cooling and without the bulky conventional compressor. Thermoelectric cooling module creates a freezing temperature. This TEC module is energized by regular AA size, Alkaline or Rechargeable batteries. This arrangement is fixed in an attractive plastic container, similar to a small hair brush, in size. This can be easily carried in a shirt pocket or purse or thrown into a Gym bag.
 When the red button on Personal Mini Cooler is pressed, the Blue smooth round disk attached to the cold side of the TEC module attains a temperature close to freezing. Then the user gently presses this super cold disk against his or her neck, forehead or cheeks to get instantaneous COLD RELIEF. Personal Mini Cooler can be repeatedly used for years to come. Similar to any electronic device like Calculator or Mobile phone, all it needs is battery power to operate.


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